Thursday, March 26, 2015

Class and Cuisine with Vikings

When it comes to buffets, there is no family that can maneuver one like the Zamoras do. I truly believe there is a gene in me that somehow just puts my brain on overdrive with zero care for calories and 100% determination to CONQUER. 

So when my uncle, Tito Rich aka The Pickiest Eater in the World, invited me to a now very popular buffet place in the Philippines called Vikings, it simply made sense. We’d tackle this baby together, just like old times but in a new venue. 

The carnage I planned to cause, however, was suddenly halted when we arrived at our destination. Because who knew the venue would look like this?

I suddenly fluffed the skirt of my dress and stepped into the entrance of Vikings SM Jazz in a bit of a reverie. Looking up, the stunning chandelier was vaguely reminiscent of the Bellagio Hotel lobby in Vegas. Another true sight to see, but the present one had masses of mouth-watering food directly below it. 

We were directed to a table towards the end of the restaurant, reserved especially for my rockstar blogger of an uncle and aunt (Rina’s Rainbow) and his awesome blogger friends. We put down our things, set little Rain up with her toys…

…before we began our walk through gastronomic wonderland. 

The options were endless.

Everything down to the drink options were countless. All sorts of juices, sodas but even…

Talk about a WIN for the Vikings.

Although Vikings SM Jazz had a lot of standard buffet sights, they also stepped it up with their own unique offerings. 

I LOVED that they had a grill station that cooked fish as well, which I think is any Pinoy’s delight.

The fish was so fresh and the grillers were more than happy to grill the fish to whatever you definition of perfect is!

Of course, the meat selection happened to be next to the grill section and though all of the offerings were delicious, the lamb is what really stuck out for me. Seasoned to really heighten the taste of the lamb, I was going back for seconds of this baby in no time.

Also, though I didn’t get to take any good pictures of it, the section I kept revisiting was the Yakitori section. It was a Yakitori dream filled with chicken skin, chicken butt and more!

What really completes the Vikings experience, though, I think is simply all the details put into the place. I love that each section was named after a city in Italy, which just added to the touch of class that permeated throughout the place.

Everything was so pristine and put-together in every corner of the restaurant. Even the restrooms weren’t exempt from the beautiful details.

Altogether, I had a stellar first Vikings experience. Now I can honestly say I know what all the hype is about, and that the hype isn’t just hype.

I do also need to thank my Tito Richie a.k.a The Pickiest Eater in the World, Tita Rina a.k.a. Rina’s Rainbow, and Tita Raquel Bartolome for introducing me to this whole new Vikings world!


  1. Wow!!!! That sink is beautiful! I didn't get to see it when we were there haha! :-) Was so happy you were there with us to ... well... pig out. haha!

    Anyway keep your posts coming Cara!!! You're an excellent excellent writer!!! :-)